During the event


During the event

  • Last minute  changes.
  • Information  to all parties including location staff.
  • Final agenda.
  • Technical checklist, assisant personnel, other equipment,  emergency number list.
  • Onsite registration and information desks.  Personnel and  material checks.
  • Maps and floorplans. Internet connection check.
  • Participation lists.
  • Backup plans – cancellations – substitutes.
  • Welcome desk/personnel for participants, speakers, VIPs, exhibitors.
  • Emergency service 24/7 12/7.
  • Event material.
  • Event recording and downloading, streaming.
  • Spouse programme and other programme. Last minute changes to the programme.
  • Tansportations, evening programme.

Closer to the end of the event:

  • Last minute changes to the transportations, onsite scheduling.
  • Changes, giveaways, certificates.

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